Our Programs

Emotional wellness self-awareness and positive self-image

We teach women and girls how to love themselves and how to be comfortable in their own skin subsequently allowing them to contribute positively to society


We empower women and girls in personal development, financial, and entrepreneurship by proving them with essential tools to do life and to do life well


We help these women and girls build self-esteem and we do this by teaching them how to identify with real abilities and achieve in areas of their lives that matter to them ; we provided then with resources encouragement them and also create opportunities so that they can practice what they’ve learned.


We also help them or give them to on how to eliminate self-criticism and introduce self-compassion self-acceptance; Affirm they’re real worth

Our Services

With a primary focus on emotional wellbeing, positive self-images and personal awareness, we will teach young women and girls how to love themselves, and how to be confident in their own skin, subsequently guiding them on making valuable contributions to society.  

Tutu Girls

TUTU Girls, our Inaugural mother daughter workshop was established to help create a stronger bond between mothers and daughters. Its popularity and success over the last 3 years has made it become an annual program for KISSmInc.


Positive Gossip Sessions

Twice a year KISSmInc. hosts workshop sessions for girls and young women.  The organization invites a panel of teens for a two-hour session to have discussions about issues pertaining to teens and young women.  There is one session for teens and one for young women

We Speak

KISSmInc, board members will collaborate with other organizations, public or private to discuss community and global awareness. Visiting churches, schools, community centers, and various other outlets where an invitation is extended.