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                                       KISSMINC CEO


           Empowering Women and Girls

Mission Statement:

Keep it Simple Saints Inc is 501(c)3 non-profit organization that believes that

empowering girls and women starts right in their homes, workplaces, and

communities. We provide training, scholarships, networking and mentorship

programs to develop resilience, leadership skills, economic success, and the

importance of taking care of one’s spiritual, mental health and physical self

Veronica Nealy  Morris

Veronica Nealy Morris


Veronica Nealy-Morris is a published author, successful entrepreneur, inspirational teacher and motivational speaker.  She is a dynamic communicator that speaks from her heart to yours with clarity and understanding. Veronica has an exceptional gift to transform her experiences of her trials and tribulations into a journey of encouragement and joy through the word of God.  She has written and facilitated many classes on various topics including “Change”, “The Power of Words”, “The Art of Communication” and “The Effects of Abuse”.

Stephani Miller

Stephani Miller

Vice President

 An advocate for women’s empowerment. Stephani has thirty years’ experience in the field of nursing and twenty years’ experience as a Chief Executive Officer of her own agency that provides Life Coaches and Direct Support Professionals. She has the passion for the process to increase the capacity of individuals to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. She has volunteered with the homeless community, canvassed for politicians, and coached youth cheerleading and sports.


Let’s Keep The Conversation

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going is a platform to discuss child abuse awareness, prevention, and protection. While these conversations may be difficult, once had, they are geared to keep the audience engaged in an informational and educational way. Let’s Keep The Conversation Going understands that our power is in our voice. We encourage all to share their thoughts and passions about relevant subject matter and we proudly speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Let’s Keep The Conversation Going because someone needs to hear your story.

Positive Gossip Session -P.G.S

Positive Gossip Session. Workshops and Panels are specifically geared towards our future female leader’s ages 6 to 17 yrs. The sessions are designed for the purpose of sharing information in order to gain a clearer understanding about the benefits of :

  • Positive communication
  • Group cooperation and increased self esteem.
  • How to strengthen social bonds and helps to resolve conflicts
  • Positive social media presence
  • The Authentic Self – You are Enough
  • The Power of Words
  • The Art of Effective Communication
  • A to Z  Positive Affirmations
  • Journaling 101

Coaching 101 Workshop

Coaching 101 is about empowering coaches to make a lasting and deep impact on their clients based on the principles of the E.S.T.H.E.R model of:

  • Envoking and Evolving,

  • Spiritual Awareness,

  • Truth and Transparency

  • Health and Wellness

  • Education and Enlightenment

  • Radical transformation

…key development areas that will serve to help people live their best life

Get Connected… Get Involved!

Great minds grow great communities come help us grow!




KISS KIT  for Girls
We put together age-appropriate kits for Girls ages 6 to 17 years old
A-Z Positive affirmation Chart
A writing utensil
A personal journal




  •  Inside you will find our handbook that will help to:
  • Develop a stronger relationship with your self
  • Plan Self confident strategies
  • Improve your emotional IQ
  • Create A Personal Mission statement
  • Learn to set and hold your value


Drop us a message below. We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions of feedback. We welcome your desire to participate in becoming a volunteer/ coach or mentor.

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Volunteer/ Sponsorship Opportunities

Volunteers and partnerships are an essential part of the mission at KISSmINC. They support events  and help enrich the experience of the women and girls who participate in our programs. For those who want to help, many opportunities are available to suit most schedules and interests or if you are interested in sponsoring/partnering please call or email us at:

P.O. Box 780851 Orlando Fl 32825

Tel +1 407-953-5554


Contact details.

P.O. Box 780851
Orlando Fl 32825
Tel +1 407-953-5554